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Friday, 8 April 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Point Blanc (Anthony Horowitz)

Book:  Point Blanc
Author: Anthony Horowitz
Rating: 7.9/10
recommended age:  12+

This is the second book of the Alex rider series by Anthony Horowitz.

In this book reluctant teenage spy Alex Rider is drawn into another mission for MI6 after getting arrested for dropping barge filled with 2 drug dealers and their drug plant into a police conference hall about how they were winning the war on drugs,which is a good bit of ironic humour at the start.

So MI6 need him to infiltrate a school in the french alps for troubled kids of rich and powerful parents, to do this he must spend a few days living with David Friend and his family(Friend being a rich supermarket owner). But Fiona Friend takes a instant dislike to Alex and the disruption to her easter holidays and whilst he's there her and her friends shoot at him with shot gun, taunt him and almost get him and Fiona run over by a train. it is only Alex's quick thinking that saves them.   Then right at the end of his stay Alex has to shoot her with a tranquiliser dart to stop her telling the assistant director of the school the truth.

Now alone and with one of his gadgets used already he must enter the eerie school and find out just what's happening. With only 7 kids, over 30 armed gaurds and 2 floors out of bounds Alex is going to have his work cut out finding info and when he does it will amaze and disgust him.
sending out a rescue signal to MI6 he gets captured and looks set to die and where are MI6. he realises he must break out  and ski down a mountain a night before the principle kills him in his sick experiment.

Then lead in a SAS team to rescue the kids and stop the plan working.

Will he make it?,Where are MI6? and what's happenig to the kids at the school?
Read this book to find out

This is one of my favourite books of the series with all the twists and turns, the action and mystery and Alexs struggle against a madman makes this a thrilling read and I would recommened this books and the series to most people. it's hard ot give a good opinion with out ruining the story but the suspense and ingenutity in the story is just great.

Hope you found this review helpful,

The Devonian  Reviewer

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