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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Eagle Strike(Anthony Horowitz)

Book:   Eagle Strike
Author: Anthony Horowitz
Rating: 6-7/10
Recommended Age: 10  -  16/17

Alex Rider continues his adventure in the fourth book of the series but this time it's a complete coincidence. He's holidaying in the south of France when he spots the assassin Yassen Gregorovich getting off a boat. He follows him and over hears a brief telephone conversation about a target being confirmed but there is nothing he can do to stop it as he has no information. Later that day he realises his mistake as him and his friend the daughter of a journalist he's staying with return home to find the house has been blown up and the father rushed to hospital. Alex sneaks on board the boat intending to kill Yassen but get captured and given a choice  :
Get shot now and die  or take part in a bull fight.?

He chooses the bull.

Surprisingly he manages to escape death by bull  and take out one of Yassens henchmen  to escape and he thinks that's that apart from the one thing that's bothering him.

The name Damian Cray, the name given by the other person on the phone call to Yassen.
 The person who commission Gregorovich to kill his friends Dad.

Where does he go? To MI6 of course but when he gets their he is in for a shock.
MI6 want nothing to do with it, they say  Damian Cray is too charitable, too influential and the evidence isn't enough.

So Alex goes it alone armed with a few Gadgets his one ally in MI6 Smithers gives him and up against a ruthless man who is rich,famous about to launch  a new game console and about to ruin the world in his deluded quest to save it.

This story will take Alex from a holidaying tourist to a individual hunting Cray down and exposing his plan,
from a games exhibition ot a top secret factory
victory to defeat
and finally end up on the center of it all Air Force One with the American missile system ready to fire.

Alex Rider has ninety minutes to save the world...

This book is very good and written superbly making you not want ot put it down. it explore Alex's life past and present and a possible new truth about his parents. I really enjoyed Reading it and hardly put it down.

I would once again recommend this book and the previous of the series to any reader who likes abit of action and mystery. With the star  being a teenage boy.

Hope you found this review helpful,

The Devonian  Reviewer

UK :




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  2. is your name bob?

  3. Errors in language ,and many more mistakes. I give it a 50/50.

    1. I'm afraid I don't understand your statement,

      Errors in book or my review?
      and if there's mistakes why give it 50/50 which is 100%?

  4. What is Damian cray plan (eagle stike)


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